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A thriving workforce

Our teams are incredibly important to us. We are committed to helping our colleagues to THRIVE. To show you what an incredible career you can have at Bolton Cares, here are some of their stories.

James – Assistant Operational Manager

Bolton Cares is the most positive, rewarding and supportive organisation I have worked for. I started off as a Support Worker, and within six years I’ve been promoted to a Senior Support Worker and I’m now an Assistant Operational Manager. Working in care is more than just personal care. It’s emotional support, it’s social support – it could be just going out to the football or a meal with somebody. It’s making a difference.

Kerry Hyland

Jennifer – Service Leader

My job role is both rewarding and challenging. I manage four supported living services for adults with learning difficulties in the Walkden and Salford area. You don’t need any qualifications to start working here – I started with no qualifications but I’ve been given training to learn new skills and worked my way up. I have learnt so much working here and I have been supported extremely well.

tina brown

Tina – Team Leader

The favourite part of my day is all of it. No day is ever the same. Fulfilling, rewarding and there’s so much job satisfaction. What is on offer at Bolton Cares doesn’t compare to the competitors, the managers’ presence – there’s always somebody there, and the training opportunities are second to none. I’m always fully supported with care and compassion.

joanne shaw

Joanne – Support Worker

I love my job, and making people’s lives better, makes me feel better. I was a landlady before I started working in care. Now, I feel like I’ve got purpose and I know that I’m making a difference. It’s more than just money. It’s the way it makes me feel inside and that’s priceless. I feel good every time I go home. It’s not just sitting down or working at a computer. You’re always busy helping people to enjoy their life – it could be supporting them to go to concerts, going out to lunch or the cinema. You get training, so you get to keep learning as you go along. It’s helped me in my personal life with my grandson who has special needs. This job changes the way you see the world and the people in it – I think everyone should have a go!

Ian Spencer

Ian – Support Worker

I feel very privileged to be working in the job I am in and the support I get from colleagues is priceless. I have been here over four years and I love it. I enjoy working with individuals and seeing their confidence grow – I help with household things like cooking and activities such arts, crafts, playing cards and going shopping. I have learned a lot in my time with Bolton Cares and that’s because someone has taken their time to show me how to do my job to the best of my ability.


Owen – Finance apprentice

This is my first job after leaving school and I didn’t know what to expect. I was a bit worried about starting work, but I really enjoy working here. Every day is different. I was so shy before but working here has really improved my confidence and it’s brought me out of my bubble. I chose to come to Bolton Cares because of all the routes and possibilities they offer. An apprenticeship suits me and it’s how I learn best. There’s endless support, and someone to help – you’re not on your own.


Gemma – Assistant Management Accountant

We give everyone from all walks of life a chance to show what they’re capable of and allow them to navigate a path they may never have considered before. I’m proud to work with such amazing individuals and it’s the first place I have ever felt like I fit in. Bolton Cares is very flexible with a work-life balance, and everyone cannot do enough to help you.

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