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To support people to live the life they want, their way

Our mission defines our purpose and how we provide our services.

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The Bolton Cares Vision

Our vision is to thrive and to secure

  • Thriving people – we want everyone we support to THRIVE, this means supporting to live the life they want their way.
  • Thriving workforce – we want a THRIVING workforce, this means one that is skilled, passionate, rewarded and proud to care.
  • Thriving future – we want a positive future, an organisation built to THRIVE, this means being bold, trying new things, developing our services and growing our organisation.

Our THRIVE vision guides our daily decisions and actions and gives us a focus for the work that we do. See our Corporate Plan here.

Joshua and one of his carers having a conversation, they are laughing in his kitchen

The Bolton Cares pledge

The Bolton Cares pledge is our promise to the people we support and each other….

I pledge that every day at work I will see every moment as having the potential to make someone’s life better.

Our vision is to THRIVE. This guides us in our daily decisions and actions and gives us a clear focus for our efforts.

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