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Lending expertise when needed

Made up of Bolton councillors, our steering committee ensures that Bolton Cares remains in the best hands and can gain the support it needs from a local government level. Each member of the committee represents several communities in the Bolton area and lends expertise when needed.

Councillor Debbie Newall

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Cllr Debbie Newall Chair 

A word from our Chair Councillor Debbie Newall

I am a One Kearsley Councillor for Kearsley Ward. I live with my husband, two dogs and two cats in Stoneclough. In my spare time I like to walk my dogs and work the garden. Prior to becoming a Councillor I had previously served in the Fire Service as a Fire Control officer and worked in the NHS as a secretary.  I first became a Councillor seven years ago and served as Executive Cabinet Member for ASC and Health under the Labour administration. I am totally committed to caring for all our residents, but especially our older and more vulnerable.

Cllr Paul Sanders

Cllr Arthur Price

Cllr Samantha Williamson 

Cllr Linda Thomas





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