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18th March 2024

We have renamed Crawford Street, our short breaks service and given it a new, fresh and inclusive sounding name. From May 2024 Crawford Street will be called InSpire.

Through the people we support, their families and carers, colleagues and stakeholders we co-created a number of ideas. We wanted to help give the service a personalised and more meaningful name that would resonate with people. Working collaboratively, we selected the name InSpire which stands for ‘Supporting People In Respite Environments’

Crawford Street short breaks service offers a 24 hour respite service for people with learning disabilities. It is a safe space and an opportunity to take time away from the day to day. It offers a reassuring and supportive environment as well as fun activities, exciting day trips and skills and learning sessions.

Lica Marchant Head of Service said.

“Renaming our Crawford Street service has been an exciting process. We think the new name gives the service a fresh more inclusive feel and is a fabulous addition to our modernising approach to the delivery of the short breaks service.

InSpire is a name that can uplift and stimulate both the team and the people we support and we think it’s a great choice’