Our new Life Opportunities Community Hub opened this week

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23rd February 2024

We officially opened our exciting Life Opportunities Community Hub on Monday 19 February.

With the help of the people we support their families and the staff team, we’ve created an amazing space and a great ‘vibe’. Our hope is that this will make the community offer a completely different kind of service for the people we support.

We are excited that our hub offers a range of fun, educational and workplace related activities to help people develop their skills. It is also a place to chill and catch up with others in-between the hectic schedule of events and activities.

One of our hub rooms has a therapy bed and nail desk where people can practice basic well-being. We have created a clothes sorting room with a sewing machine and plan to work with local charity shops to help sort clothing for them and offer small repairs.

Connecting in with local community assets and forging important partnerships with local businesses is crucial to what we’re doing. Recently we joined with the Anderton Centre where we can offer volunteering groundwork opportunities for the people we support.

Our other activities include a sailing club on the Belmont water,  local gym membership and access to three allotments with ambitious gardening projects. Also, we are involved with a community computer suite to help the people we support learn basic computer skills.

Life Opportunities Community is a growing group and so far, we have 20 members with every person experiencing a full diary of activities.

Furthermore, the service is extending and we are starting a programme for older adults, supporting their connection with the community and working with celebrating memories.

Lica Marchant Head of Service said.

“We have worked so hard to make our new Community Hub at the Thicketford Centre a vibrant and exciting place for people to enjoy. It is a unique space where people can belong,  feel valued and get involved in a wide range of projects and occupational pursuits.

Our Life Opportunities service is all about realising people’s potential. Working with local partnerships we aim to help the people we support get involved in meaningful activities that help them lead fulfilling lives while connecting with their communities.”