Our KOKU programme is helping grow older people’s confidence

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16th November 2023

Every Monday for the last six weeks we have been running KOKU sessions at the Winifred Kettle Centre for older people age 65+.

KOKU stands for ‘Keep on Keep Up’ which is a strength and balance programme that is personalised and tailored to the individual.

During the sessions, we have been talking to people about safety in their home environment, and the importance of hydration, nutrition and exercise to keep healthy and well. What’s more we have been doing it through a fun, tablet based gaming app to try to give older people the skills and confidence to use technology and they have loved it.

Over 12 people have joined us over the weeks and the group has evolved from the original KOKU model. As the group has bonded, they have discussed things such as cyber security, assistive technology and general topics such as what to do if you fall.

This is what some of the people who attend have said.

“After the exercises, I feel more confident walking up and down stairs” – Jennifer.

“I’ve started doing heel raises whilst cooking my tea. Every little helps” – Ann

“Help with exercise is great, technology help has been amazing.” – David

“The App is a lot easier to use than I expected.” Jim

Lica Marchant Head of Service said.

“Our KOKU sessions have been brilliant. It’s been lovely to watch people grow in confidence over the weeks. They have become more informed, learned important life skills, picked up tips on how to use new technology and also shared great ideas.

We are looking to run another session and roll out the KOKU model across Bolton to help people stay connected with one another and live independently for longer.”