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9th February 2024

To help men open up about their health issues, we held a ‘pie and pint’ (non alcoholic) men’s health awareness afternoon at Thicketford Centre. Fifteen men with a wide range of different needs attended from our Supported Living service in Bolton.

Three nurses from the Learning Disability team guided the session and gave out helpful advice and information about what to eat and explained the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

The nurses discussed with the people we support the importance of annual health checks, telling them why they are done and what they entail. They also discussed the need to regularly check your bodies and brought interactive materials to show how and what they should be checking for.

They also checked peoples O2 levels and blood pressures if they wanted it. There was also a brief discussion on mental health and how this can affect the people we support.

Everyone joined in and enjoyed it. They also learned a lot and took away some valuable information.

Ben Dacre, Service Manager for our Supported Living service said.

“The session followed the successful health awareness session we did with women in our service.

People with disabilities often have underlying health conditions and the session aimed to  inform and empower the people we support to help themselves more and recognise the importance of regular health checks.

The pie and a pint forum for men was a great way to engage and get so many of them to openly discuss their health issues. It was a great session.”