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3rd November 2023

This week we’ve celebrated Halloween across all our services. We’ve had a pool party at Jubilee Centre, dressed up in scary Halloween costumes, made spooky looking food and generally celebrated the scary season of ghosts and ghouls. The people we support have loved taking part.

But we’ve used the Halloween theme for a serious purpose and had conversations with the people we support about their fears and concerns in life.

The sessions were enlightening and the people we support came up with some interesting insights into the barriers they face as people living with a range of disabilities.

Jackie Partington Tait our Interim Managing Director said

“We thought the theme of Halloween was a great opportunity to have some fun but also to have the kinds of conversations that people might not normally get involved in. It was therapeutic, soul searching and insightful and will hopefully help us improve our services and help staff co-produce activity programmes that help build the confidence and the aspirations of the people we support.”