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20th April 2023

At Bolton Cares we believe that finding the perfect carer role is really important.

There are so many caring roles out there and finding what’s available and if it suits your lifestyle can be difficult.

To help we have teamed up with Fostering and Shared Care in Bolton. Our aim is to raise awareness of caring and highlight the variety of options  available. The campaign is all about helping people find their perfect carer role.

Our three services are very different, but they share the common theme of ‘giving someone a brighter future.’

Whether it’s giving a child a loving home, caring for an adult with learning disabilities or befriending and taking a young disabled person out for the day.

Details of how to find out more about the three areas of care are below.


Fostering for Bolton provides a safe and loving home for children aged 0 – 18 years.

If you are interested in fostering take a look at their website email them or ring them on 0800 107 1564

Shared Lives

Shared Lives provides a home and gives support to adults with learning disabilities, autism, older people with dementia or people struggling with their mental health.

Find out more about Shared Lives through our website Shared Lives – Bolton Cares email us or ring us on 01204 331111

Shared Care

Shared Care supports disabled children aged 0 – 18 years through befriending, day care and overnight care.

If you would like to find out more visit email them at or ring them on 01204 337108

Sanjeet Bains Managing Director for Bolton Cares said.

“We are excited by this collaboration with Fostering and Shared Care. Working together we can help to raise the profile of care and highlight its importance across the town. We hope that the campaign will help people find a caring opportunity that suits them.”