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11th December 2023

Our Extra Care service in Bolton were inspected by the CQC regulator in November 2023. We are delighted that we have kept our good rating from 2018.

Extra care Housing service is a lifestyle choice for people over 55. We have 190 people in the scheme living in self-contained accommodation with on-site staff available to help and support when needed and to respond in emergencies.

The CQC rated the service good based on five key questions.

Is the service safe?

Is the service effective?

Is the service caring?

Is the service responsive?

Is the service well-led?

Over a period of two days, CQC talked to managers, staff and relatives of the people we support, gathered evidence and presented their findings on the key questions. They found that with regard to.

  • Safety – people felt protected and free from abuse and harm.
  • Effectiveness – the scheme provided, positive outcomes for the people we support and they have a good quality of life.
  • A caring service – people we support were treated with compassion, respect and dignity.
  • Responsiveness – that people felt empowered, had greater choice and more control over their lives.
  • Service a well-led one – staff thought managers were approachable, there was an open-door culture and they felt listened to by a well led experienced management team.

The above findings resulted in an overall rating of good for our Extra Care Housing service.

Joanna Jackson Head of Service for Extra Care Housing said.

“We are delighted and proud to have kept our good rating from 2018 for the service. Our staff teams have worked hard to improve our systems and move the service forward in challenging times. This rating is recognition that our unique brand of person centred care is working well. This is a great success for Extra Care well done everyone.”