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6th July 2023

In April Bolton Cares was awarded a grant from the Big Brain Health Fund to focus on people living with dementia and their carers in Bolton.

We decided to invest the grant in a different kind of dementia training for our staff who work with older people in our Life Opportunities service.

The team worked with a Dementia expert and a drama therapist and focused on the inspiring and positive stories of care. They shared their very personal experiences and together brought their ideas to life in a short script.

Five of the group worked collectively to narrate their stories, performing it for the first time this week to a group of colleagues.

It was amazing, warm, funny and inspiring. We wanted to share some of the key insights and soundbites from everyone involved.


I love working in day care.

It’s such a needed service – we need to celebrate it

We’re here to put a smile on people’s faces.

Best job I’ve ever had.

Best thing I’ve ever done.


I learn something new every day.

I go home with a smile on my face.

I love all the stories.


The people that we support, It’s not just about care.

Sometimes you think about your own life.

You never know what going to come tomorrow.

 Every day is different.

What does a carer do?

The role entails much more than people see.

We have men sit on a bench in our service – They said. “We’re waiting for the bus”. They think they’re at the bus stop.… So, we brought them a bus stop as a place to have a conversation!


The group are planning to take their performance on the road and visit our services across Bolton, Salford and Wigan. Using the performance to inspire colleagues and spread the positive messages of working in care.

Lica Marchant Life Opportunities Lead said.

“This initiative is a first for Bolton and it has been an amazing team experience. Everyone involved was enthusiastic and worked together. This is evident from the inspiring stories and their final recital. Those involved should be very proud of their passion for what they do and for their final performance it was truly inspiring.”