Sobiena describes that she has struggled with her mental health since her teenage years.

A single parent to two boys, Sobiena noticed her mental health declining severely, and having spoken to her mental health worker she knew that a change was needed. Sobiena was placed at New Lane, a service dedicated to providing care and support to people in crisis.

From the moment she arrived at New Lane, something which Sobiena says was ‘quite frightening at the time’, she has been listened to, supported to manage her recovery, and embrace the changes that she wanted to make in her own life.

Sobiena has responded well to the environment at New Lane and says that she ‘never felt she was just a statistic’ when there. Sobiena has learned about how to express herself and has enjoyed building relationships while at New Lane.

Despite being in a challenging situation a few short months ago, Sobiena has now returned home to her family, something she has described as ‘scary’, but the team at New Lane have been with her every step of the way, reassuring and helping to alleviate her concerns and develop coping strategies.

She says: “My boys have got a Mum who’s ready to go back home and do the day-to-day.”