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6th October 2022

As a company we have embarked on an ambitious journey to achieve technology enabled care and this is continuing.

We have invested in several innovative initiatives to help the people we support. These include, Grandcare, use of sensory rooms, Alexa technology and a new Care Recording System to streamline services and enrich lives.

By using technology, we are helping the people we support communicate and interact more fully while enhancing their ability to do more for themselves and maintain their independence.

Bolton Cares is the biggest care provider in Bolton. We offer person centred care to people with autism, complex learning and physical disabilities, older people and people with a dementia diagnosis. Our mission is to help people to live the life they want their way and technology is helping us achieve this daily.


Earlier this year we invested in Grandcare, an innovative communication tool which we are piloting for three years. Six months on, it is proving invaluable in helping people with autism to live independently. It is personalised and can schedule a routine, remind them to get up, shower, have lunch or when to take their medication. It can also help them stay in touch with friends and family through video calls.

This is a simple technology that is making a significant difference to the lives of people we support. Take a look at how it has helped Joshua and Sophie at The Hollies Assistive tech/Grandcare – Bolton Cares

Sensory rooms

We have introduced several sensory rooms in our Extra Care housing schemes, at our Jubilee Centre and our Supported Living schemes across Bolton, Salford and Wigan. These are equipped with a range of sensory options, soft cushions, fibre optic lights, music, visual and tactile toys and blackout blinds to help people feel relaxed and get the most from the experience.

The Sensory room at one of our Supported Living properties in Bolton, has been positive for the people who live there.

Hilary has autism and likes to have her own space. When the house becomes busy or noisy, she can access a quiet space. One of her favourite activities is drawing and colouring and the light up drawing table in the sensory room is ideal for her. She also enjoys the music and the visual and tactile toys.

Carl also has autism and self-soothes by making a low-level vocal sound. He can switch on the lights at the bottom of the stairs and enjoys using all the different sensory options.

Alexa in our services

We have installed Smart TVs and Alexa devices in the communal areas of our Extra Care schemes as well as in individual’s Supported Living homes to help with their independence. The devices are programmed with voice activation to allow the people to control lights, close blinds and turn the TV on and off.

This worked particularly well for Ava who was 92 and partially sighted but lived alone and loved her independence. Her Alexa helps her to do some of the daily chores she needs to do.

Winnie who is registered blind and has a chronic pain condition can control the Alexa with her voice and can play relaxing music and talking books to enable her to be in control of her own support and detract from her pain.

Buddy watches

We have also invested in Buddy Watches with GPS tracking. This has helped Bill retain his links with the community but allowed us to ensure he was safe when out.

Care Recording System

This year we rolled out our new Care Recording System which digitalised all our paper files so that everything is in one place. Not only is this more streamlined and efficient, but it ensures that we can reflect technology in a person’s Personal Support Plans to help support and enrich their lives.

At Bolton Cares we are continuing our technology journey and have a dedicated member of the ICT team whose job it is to horizon scan and look at new and existing technologies that we can invest in and use to help the people we support.