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3rd May 2022

The Winifred Kettle day centre closed temporarily in 2019 during the Covid pandemic. During this time, the centre was and continues to be used by the integrated health and care teams as a vaccination hub and a community support centre.

During 2021, the Bolton Cares Day Services team carried out a phased re-opening of the centre. However, despite the easing of restrictions early in 2021, we found that demand for older adults’ day services had significantly reduced.

The current situation is that services for older adults are operating from Thicketford Centre and Brazley Centre. All the people we supported at Winifred Kettle were offered a place at one of these centres. However, 20% of places at our current day centres remain unallocated. What is more, we have seen a further reduction in people attending day services across the town because of a fear of COVID variants.

As a result of the above, Winifred Kettle day centre has not yet re-opened for day care due to the significantly reduced need. Re-opening the service without sufficient demand would put undue pressure on existing day services and the wider Bolton Cares teams.

To reiterate, no decision has been made about the future of Winifred Kettle and it remains a key service within the Bolton Cares portfolio. However, at present there is not sufficient demand to open three day centres across the town. Once demand increases to the level where we can safely operate, Winifred Kettle will re-open.

Any decisions relating to permanent changes to day services will be subject to consultation.