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Realising potential

Our Life Opportunities Community offer is giving people a choice of activities and getting them out and about in their communities. Helping them meet their aspirations.

Read some of our inspiring stories below.

Eric’s birdwatching walks

Eric is a full-time carer for his wife Barbara, they both attend Brazley day service every Tuesday.

Walking is Eric’s passion and his greatest achievement is walking the full length of Hadrian’s wall. But as a full time carer, he doesn’t get chance to walk anymore. When we offered him the chance to go birdwatching he jumped at the opportunity. This would allow him to get out in the fresh air and get moving again.

Because of his encyclopaedic knowledge of Bolton and the history of walking, Eric and the team co-produced the activity. Eric often planned the routes for us and took great pride in educating us on the history of the area and telling us tales of local legends.

Eric has found many benefits from this community activity. He said “Birdwatching has given me time for myself, benefiting my physical and mental health. I look forward to it every week.”

Amanda’s Arts and Crafts group

Amanda has been attending a women’s arts and crafts group for the last few months and has loved meeting new people of different ages and becoming part of the group.

Stepping out of her comfort zone to make new friends from different walks of life has brought huge benefits to Amanda’s self-confidence. Frequent interaction with the other women has made Amanda feel like a valid member of the group and an important part of her community.

Natalie’s Gym Sessions

Natalie has been attending Bolton Arena on Friday mornings for the last few months, supported by her team.

Following that initial gym induction, Natalie’s inquisitive nature led her to try the cross trainer, bikes and everything else.

Natalie was a natural and from there she has embraced the challenge of being out of her comfort zone and trying something she’d never done before in her local community.

She engaged in everything, and it’s been amazing to see her achieve so much and grow in confidence.

Michael’s and James’s Woodwork

Michael and James are Brothers they both attend Thicketford  Centre.

When an opportunity arose for a Woodwork pilot, the brothers jumped at the chance. Both were enthusiastic about learning a new skill.  They started off with simple tasks, sanding down and measuring pieces of wood, but  with each session they built their confidence and have now started to use different tools from hand saws progressing to large heavy machinery.

The brothers have built strong relationships with the volunteers, sharing some jokes and memorable moments together. The brothers have said how wonderful it is to be involved in activities outside of their usual routine.

Look how far they have come!!